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 1. Pixel City Life The first guide you should ever read

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PostSubject: 1. Pixel City Life The first guide you should ever read   Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:12 pm

Welcome to Louisiana Pixel Life. Whether you've been encouraged to sign up by
friends or found this site on a random search across the internet, the
staff and I would like to welcome you aboard and hope you have an
enjoyable time here.

What is this site all about?

Cars, Trucks, & Bikes of course! But it might be a little different to what you're thinking.
The site is largely based around Pixel Art. If you look in the banner
of the site will see a few different pixilated cars, and that's what we
are all about. Pixel Car Life is a forum-based fantasy world where we
buy, tune and race cars against one another, with the ultimate goal to
reach the top of the Black List and be the king of the underground
racing world.

So I race the car I build against other members online?

Yes and No. You don't race your car like you do on Playstation or X-Box,

This is a forum-based game. So in our case you tune your car with aftermarket parts and when it comes time to race we have dedicated race judges that look at your car,
you as a driver, the course you are racing, compares these and other
factors to all of your opponents and decides who would be most likely
to win. They then post their decision for the racers to see who has
won. So there is no interacting racing, but we do have racing none the less.

That sounds easy; I could build a fantasy car that could beat anyone on my first day!

That's where the site comes to life. You can't just jump in and start doing
whatever you please to win; you have to earn it just like in real life.
You have to get a job, save your cash and pretty much start from the
bottom. As you earn more and race more you start earning more money, as
you earn more money you can tune more, race more and make your way
through the racing ranks. This takes time. If you expect to be trading
paint with the top racers within 3 months you had better take a reality
check, there aren't many shortcuts you can take to reach that level.

How do I start playing?

You've come to the right thread to start with, this is the first of a series of posts designed to get you started. How LAPL Works will hopefully get you on to the track or streets on your first day as a member.
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1. Pixel City Life The first guide you should ever read
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