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 3. You - As A Character How to start playing LAPL

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PostSubject: 3. You - As A Character How to start playing LAPL   Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:21 pm

By now you know what this site is all about and you know the type of behavior we're expecting to see, so how about we actually get playing?!

Your Profile

All members are required to create a profile in which forms the backbone of LAPL. Have a quick look at the end and you'll see why.

Within your profile you need to keep all of your vital statistics, like how
much cash you have, what cars you own, what modifications you've made
to your cars - pretty much everything. It is very important that you
keep your profile as up to date as possible. The rules around profile
layouts are changed fairly regularly, so please make it a habit to
check the Profile Set up Guide each time you make an update.

If in doubt please look at a staff members profile to see how they have done it and replicate with your own information.

Your Signature

Your signature appears with every post you make in LAPL. This gives the
community a quick snap shot of how you're doing and what you're doing.
Generally your signature will have a picture of your favorite car that
you actually own, some basic stats, the cash in your bank and some
details like the Team you're in and other bits and pieces. Generally a
less cluttered signature is better.

Member Respect (Post Count)

Next to every post you make you will see a number against your Respect or Post Count. This is not a post count! Respect forms the basis of how experienced you are on LAPL and can only
be earned by racing. Every post you make will not increase this number so serial spammers obviously don't get respect they don't deserve. Respect is used to determine how much cash you can earn from your job, helps Race Judges determine how skilled a driver you are, as well as many other things. For this reason Respect is maintained by LAPL Staff. The higher your respect the more likely you are to win, so get racing, you earn respect even if you lose!

Your Bank Balance and Transactions

How much cash you have will obviously dictate how far you can go here on
LAPL. Your cash balance is manually maintained in both your profile and
your signature; please do NOT post Signatures
in your profile.
At the end of the day your profile is meant to be the most up to date
information about you, not your signature.

Because you're new to LAPL we're going to give you a helping hand in the form of $20,000 to get started. So now you have some cash, update the bank balance in both your profile
and signature to reflect this. Now that everyone knows who you are in the form of your profile and signature you can start spending!

the member, do all transactions from here on. When you buy your first
car you will see how to keep track of your money, and how to show other
members that you aren't cheating.
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3. You - As A Character How to start playing LAPL
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