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 4. Get a Job! Start earning some money

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PostSubject: 4. Get a Job! Start earning some money   Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:24 pm

Congratulations, you now have a working account and you have some cash
in the bank! Before you start spending every last cent of that money,
let's find a job first.

City Jobs

A city job is one where you do absolutely nothing in exchange for a weekly pay check. You may only hold one city job at a time for this reason, you aren't really doing anything!

City Jobs can be found in the Jobs Thread (click for link).
As stated previously, because you're in a new section you should read
all stuck notes and read the rules for this area of LAPL. Usually this
area operates as follows, to help you on your way.

There will be
a Job Search area that lists all jobs available and how much each job
pays. There will also be guidelines that spell out, for a member with a
certain join date and a certain respect level they can earn up to a
certain amount. The logic here is that new members earn the least;
longer serving or more experienced (active) members earn more. Once you
know what jobs are available and what you are allowed to earn, you
apply for a job of your choice in the jobs thread and it is then
approved or declined.

Once you have been approved for a job, it is simply a case of picking up your pay on your employer's pay day (once per week). Only collect your pay on pay day, otherwise you will be warned and possibly suspended for repeat offenses. As you become more experienced and are allowed to earn more, go through this process
again. You don't need to resign from your previous job, just stop collecting from that area.

User Shop Jobs

User Shops, like garages in real life, need people to work for them. If you
think you have tuning skills or a set of knowledge that would be useful
to these shops then you may be able to get a shop job. You are
allowed a Shop Job as well as a City Job, so you are allowed two jobs
in this case, one that you do nothing for (City Job) and one you have
to bust your guts for (User Shop Job).

Shops will generally post vacancies within The Pixel Times so keep your eyes peeled and be ready for some stiff competition.

Staff Jobs

Similar to User Shop Jobs, Staff Jobs require you to do something for your
money and can be held as well as holding a City Job. Staff Jobs are usually advertised in LAPL Chat as well, and usually cover jobs like maintaining areas or judging races. PCPD (Moderator) and Administrator jobs are never advertised so don't ask about them, the operators of the site will PM you with their interest if they feel you have what they need.
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4. Get a Job! Start earning some money
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